On 09/03/2019, at approximately 0025hrs, Sgt. James Casey was traveling east on Winthrop St. (Rte 44).  At this time he observed a red Mercedes C Sedan with a Massachusetts registration plate traveling west on Winthrop St. (Rte 44).  Sgt. Casey noticed that the Mercedes had a head light that was not working and he reversed direction to initiate the stop of the vehicle.  The vehicle initially stopped on Winthrop St. in the area of Camp Ramsbottom but took off as Sgt. Casey approached the vehicle.  Sgt. Casey pursued the vehicle and caught up to it after it took a right onto Anawan St.  The vehicle came to a stop in the middle of the road and Sgt. Casey observed the operator move to the passenger seat.  He observed the front seat passenger exit the vehicle and run around it in attempt to get in the driver’s seat.  In addition to the two subject seated in the front of the vehicle a female was located in the rear passenger seat.  All three subjects were ordered out of the vehicle and asked to lie in a prone position.  Ptlm. Nicholas Miranda and Ptlm. Adam Brown responded to assist Sgt. Casey.  The operator was identified as 34 year old James Mitchell of Prospect St. in Taunton.  It was learned that Mr. Mitchell had a suspended driver’s license.  During an inventory of the vehicle officers found a large amount of drugs suspected to be heroin, cocaine and crack cocaine.  Mr. Mitchell was transported to the Rehoboth Police Station where he was book.  Bail was set at $7,540.00 and Mr. Mitchell was transported to the New Bedford House of Corrections.  Mr. Mitchell is due to appear in Taunton District Court on 09/03/2019, at approximately 0830hrs.  He was charged with the following: (1) Drug distribute Class A subsequent Offense.  (2) Drug Distribute Class B Subsequent offense.  (3) Failure to Stop for Police.  (4) License suspended operation of a motor vehicle with; subsequent offense.  (5) Defective Equipment.  The passengers of the vehicle were released without charges at this time.