The Rehoboth Police Department has received numerous calls regarding a possible phone scam. Callers reported receiving automated phone calls claiming to be from the Bristol County Savings Bank. The message went on to say that the recipients’ credit or debit card had been locked.  They were then instructed on how to “unlock” their card which culminated in a request for them to enter their account number. The telephone calls were received during two time periods on 01/05/2014.  The first was between 1600 and 1800 hours and the second was between 2100 and 2300 hours.  Some of the victims reported receiving calls during both times and on multiple lines.  The calls received by landline phones show a return number of *25363827.  Those received on cellular lines showed a return number of (877) 277-3125.   

Further investigation showed that both numbers had previously been used in similar scams across the country. It appears that the scammers use the name of a local bank and then use the automated calls to “phish” local numbers for account information. Phishing is a practice where thieves pretend to be a reputable organization and send spam, pop-up messages, or make automated calls with the intent of tricking a victim into revealing personal information. Numerous banks have reported similar attempted scams. 

We have spoken to representatives of the Bristol County Savings bank who were aware of the scam and have already taken steps to protect their customers and their accounts.  They are asking that anyone who feels that their account information may have been compromised contact the bank directly (866) 784-5515. 

The Rehoboth police Department wants to remind everyone to be vigilant about protecting your personal information. Do not give out account or personal information over the phone or through e-mails. If you receive a suspicious call or e-mail contact your bank or credit card company and report it.