On 10/04/16 at approximately 6:00pm the Rehoboth Police Department received a call from a concerned parent regarding threats being made over social media (Twitter).  The threats were directed at other users of Twitter and also mentioned the Dighton Rehoboth High School.  Due to the seriousness of the threats, Officer Gil Lima and Sgt. Richard Shailor initiated an immediate investigation into the matter. Officers were able to obtain information regarding the Twitter account being used to make the threats. They then used that information to track the creation and usage of that account to a home in Rehoboth. After interviewing subjects at that residence they were able to obtain a confession from a 17 year old juvenile. He was arrested and charged with Threats to Commit a crime, and  making a Threat Concerning the location of dangerous items (Firearm). He was later bailed and released to his parents. The case has been forwarded to Taunton Juvenile Court for prosecution.  Detective James Casey also assisted throughout the investigation.


Based on our investigation and interviews it does not appear that any student or resident was in any actual danger.  The arrested juvenile admitted that it was a “prank” attempting to feed off of the current clown frenzy in the area.  The Rehoboth Police Department would like to caution anyone considering similar behavior that it will be met with arrest and prosecution.