On Thursday 09/15/2016 at approximately 0608 hours Rehoboth Police Officers were dispatched to Cumberland Farms located at 232 Winthrop Street for a 911 hang up telephone call.  Officer Jacob Miranda arrived first and spoke with a female employee to check to see if everything was okay.  Officer Miranda asked her if she had called 911and the employee stated that she did not have the telephone because 20 minutes earlier a male customer had taken the cordless phone out of the store with him and he was sitting in his car talking on the phone.  Officer Miranda then exited the store and walked towards a gray 2005 Saturn Vue with a Massachusetts registration plates to speak with the subject.  He observed a white male subject sitting in the front passenger side of the vehicle and when the subject saw Officer Miranda he immediately exited the passenger side door and placed his right hand underneath his sweatshirt. He reportedly told the officer to “Get the (expletive omitted) out of here before I blow this place up”.  When asked to repeat himself, the subject reportedly told the officer “I will blow this place up” and “I have a gun”.  Officer Miranda then returned to his police cruiser to back up to a safe distance to monitor the subject. A short time later Officer Craig Warish and Sergeant Brian Ramos arrived on scene to assist and to set up a perimeter around the scene of the incident in order to shut down traffic and remove everyone from the area.  Sgt. Ramos attempted to establish contact with the subject several times, but he would only start yelling and screaming and then sit back inside the passenger side of the car.  Because the officers were unable to engage the subject in any meaningful dialogue, Sgt. Ramos requested the assistance of the SEMLEC (South Eastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council) SWAT Team and mutual aid assistance from both Seekonk and Dighton Police Department to assist in shutting down all traffic in the area.  At approximately 0730 hours SEMLEC SWAT members arrived on scene and took over command of the incident.  During this time a SWAT Team member observed the subject attempt to light a gas pump nozzle on fire with a lighter.  The subject was identified as Benjamin Kimball, age 38, from North Attleboro, MA.  SEMLEC Crisis Negotiation personnel attempted to resolve the situation with the subject, but after negotiating with Mr. Kimball for approximately 3 hours they were unable to get him to surrender to the officers.    The SWAT Team commanders then decided that they had no choice but to move in and extract Mr. Kimball from the vehicle. He abruptly moved to the driver’s seat and attempted to flee in the vehicle by striking the SWAT Team vehicles.   His attempt to flee was unsuccessful and when the SWAT Team members moved in to arrest Mr. Kimball, he jumped out of the driver’s side door of the vehicle and started running eastbound in the parking lot of Cumberland Farms. The SWAT officers attempted to restrain Mr. Kimball and take him into custody, but he refused to comply until he was subdued by a SWAT Team K-9.  At approximately 1120 hours Mr. Kimball was taken into custody by the SEMLEC SWAT Team and Rehoboth Police Department Officers.  He was then transported to Morton Hospital by a Rehoboth Ambulance to be treated for his injuries.  The Massachusetts State Police Bomb Unit was called and they arrived on scene.  After checking the vehicle and the building the Bomb Unit deemed it safe from any explosive devices. The vehicle was transported back to the Rehoboth Police Department for further investigation and inventory by Rehoboth Police Detectives.  At approximately2042 hours Benjamin Kimball was booked at the Rehoboth Police Station will be charged with the following offenses: (1) Attempted Arson of a Gas Station; (2) Making a False Bomb Threat; (3) Disorderly Conduct; (4) Disturbing the Peace; (5) Three (3) counts of Threat to Commit a Crime; (6) Attempt to Commit a Crime; (7) Resisting Arrest; and (8) Two (2) counts of Assault by Means of a Dangerous Weapon.  Clerk-Magistrate Claudia Abreau of the Taunton District Court ordered Mr. Kimball to be held without bail at the Rehoboth Police Station until court tomorrow morning.